7 min read

    Secret Sprawl & the Challenges of Modern Enterprise Security

    Here is the fourth blog of #securityweek. This time it's from Hashicorp's Kevin Fishner. Enjoy!

    7 min read

    Weave Net Cryptography Faq

    This is our third installment for #securityweek from Adam Harrison from Weave. Enjoy.

    Why Kubernetes Makes Sense

    As a service provider in the programmable infrastructure space, we at Container Solutions are constantly investigating new tools and technologies to help our clients to deploy and maintain large and c...

    4 min read

    How to build Docker images with Gradle

    In this blog I will show you how to build Docker images from a Gradle task. A number of Docker plugins have been created for Gradle. I discuss the one from Benjamin Muschko which we use to build the s...

    Integrating Drone CI into Apache Mesos (Part 1)

    Drone is a continuous integration (CI) tool, a tool whose aim is to automate the building, testing and deploying of software. There are many CI tools available, with a lot of feature overlap. A compar...

    8 min read

    Microservices and objects: Similar benefits, similar problems, similar lessons?

    I know I’m not the first person to say that the benefits being sold of microservices are very similar to that of objects in object-oriented programming (OOP) during the 80s and 90s e.g. you can easily...

    3 min read

    How to run Gradle wrapper from any subdir with Gdub

    Gradle is a popular and flexible build system for JVM-based languages. We use Gradle as the build system for Mesos Elasticsearch. In this blog I discuss two Gradle concepts: the Gradle wrapper and Gdu...

    Configuring resource offers on Mesos

    The other day I was working on Mesos Elasticsearch and encountered a problem while running the framework. The framework did not accept any offers from slaves because I had not properly configured the ...

    1 min read

    Terraform Deployments (Almost) in Real-Time

    What if Terraform deployments could be visualised in real time? It would be quite exciting, and surely worth investigation.