Monitoring Performance in Microservice Architectures

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    The Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of fortune This is the story of how we came to bring a wheel of fortune to DockerConEU 2015!

    11 min read

    Write your own Terraform provider: Part 1

    Write your own Terraform provider: Part 1 This is the first part of a series of blog posts that explain how to write Terraform providers.

    minimesos 0.4.0 - Marathon Support

    MiniMesos 0.4.0 has been released today and is available via Jitpack. MiniMesos is part of our work on Mantl, the Microservices Infrastructure platform from Cisco Cloud. The goal of minimesos is to ma...

    Terraforming a Nomad cluster

    All the code from his blog is available on Git.

    4 min read

    MiniMesos - Testing Infrastructure for Mesos Frameworks

    14 min read

    Reasons to use Apache Mesos Frameworks

    The media is full of discussions of microservices and cloud-based infrastructure and for good reason. Encapsulating tasks into higher and higher abstractions is being shown by various large companies ...

    From Microservices To Artificial Intelligence Operating System

    While microservices are a relatively new concept, industry leaders have been using the same principles - namely high granularity of design, isolation, and automation - for years. And what they share s...

    Docker London Meetup Summary (July Edition): Containers in Production

    We’re not short of great technology meetups here in London, and the new Container Solution office based within this great city allows us to easily travel around and learn about the latest happenings! ...