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    minimesos 0.7.1 - Config file support and init command

    Mesos-Starter: Creating a Mesos Framework in Less Than Five Minutes and Ten Lines of Code

    Apache Mesos is an extremely valuable tool. One slight drawback, however, is that it can sometimes be hard to get started with custom frameworks. A ‘framework’ in Apache Mesos language is an ‘applicat...

    User Access Manager application on Mantl

    In the last year many Container Solutions’ engineers spent significant time developing various parts of Cisco’s Mantl and Shipped projects.

    Weather Predictions Straight from the Cloud

    Can a fleet of customized drones improve your daily commute? We recently connected with the Swiss meteorological gurus at Meteomatics who have developed specialized drones to collect and transmit weat...

    Mesos Usability - A Developer's Perspective

    We use Mesos a lot. Developing with Mesos is a full time job for a large proportion of Container Solutions. From the perspective of a production user, the abstraction of physical hardware into resourc...

    Rescheduling containers on node failures with Docker Swarm 1.1

    Docker 1.10 came out a few days ago and brought with it Swarm 1.1.0. The most notable (still experimental) feature in this release is the native rescheduling of containers on failures of individual Sw...

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    The Adjacent Possibility

    Yesterday a Git user called David (dvonthenen) created a pull request that added external volumes to our ELK framework. This seems like an extremely valuable addition to our work. As David says in the...

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    Security Challenges in Microservice Implementations


    Monitoring Performance in Microservice Architectures

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