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    Installing a Registry on Kubernetes (Quickstart)

    So you've got your shiny new Kubernetes cluster up-and-running. You've tried running the standard nginx image and now you'd like to build and run your own image. But how are you going to get your imag...

    The Cloud Native Paradigm Shift: Are You Ready?

    At Container Solutions, when we say we help companies transform themselves into Cloud Native entities, we use that term for a very specific reason. Cloud Native is a major paradigm shift, not just the...

    Structure is Not Enough; Or, Why People Matter


    Our Kubernetes Training for Booking.com - Case Study

    Using Compose to go from Docker to Kubernetes

    This is a cross post from Jérôme Petazzoni (http://jpetazzo.github.io/). We are proud to be promoting Jérôme's upcoming Docker and Kubernetes trainings in Montreal and Quebec City.

    Contributing to Kubernetes: Open-Source Citizenship

    I’ve been using Kubernetes for a while now and decided it was time to be a responsible open-source citizen, and contribute some code. So I started combing their issue tracker, looking for a relatively...

    Cloud Native in 2019: A Look Ahead

    Best of CS 2018: Kubernetes

    Why All This Talk About Continuous Strategic Formulation? Don't You Do Kubernetes?

    We don’t only do Kubernetes, even though we are one of the only firms in the world to be both certified service providers and trainers. What we actually do is build large scale distributed systems and...