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    Securing Microservices with Docker from Adrian Mouat - Part 1

    Last week, the excellent Adrian Mouat, Docker captain & author of “Using Docker” gave a webinar on how to use Docker to secure your microservice containers. The webinar was a teaser for a 2 day traini...

    Microservice Insecurity

    So here's the thing. Microservices are everywhere right now. You see them mentioned at talks, they have their own conferences, vendors are tripping over themselves to brand their products 'microservic...

    Microservices. What's Really Going On?

    As part of my investigation into all things Microservice and Cloud Nativish I’ve been interviewing folk and have bags of interesting case studies and observations to share.

    5 Mindbending Microservice Dilemmas

    Dilemma 1 - Does Size Matter? A question I often hear asked is “how many microservices should I have?" or “how big should a microservice be?” So, what is better, 10 microservices or 300?

    The Cloud Native 101 Cribsheet

    For the past few weeks we’ve been posting a blog series on Cloud Native, which in true tech style has been bunged full of buzzwords. We’ve tried to explain them as we went along but probably poorly so...

    Microservices - Thinking Outside the Lines

    In our last few posts we’ve talked about two of the architectural and operational weapons of Cloud Native: containers & dynamic management. However, when I go out and talk to Cloud Native users I find...

    Is Dynamic Management the Real Ops Disruptor?

    Are Containers the Best Cloud Native Tool?

    Earlier in this blog series we described how every strategy comprises a goal and the actions we take or tools we use to accomplish it. We’re now going to consider some of the tools that Cloud Native u...

    The 3 Most Common Cloud Native Goals & What Kind of Company Are You?

    Cloud Native Goals In our earlier posts in this series we described a Cloud Native Strategy as a way to achieve business goals by taking a particular set of actions: