Michelle Gienow

    Michelle Gienow
    Michelle Gienow is former Muse/Content Team Lead at Container Solutions.

    Engineers: Why Do You Hate Marketing?

    Any company that has made it past the earliest startup, launching-from-your-living-room phase has two things: engineers and marketing. Engineers to design and build your product or service, and market...

    Managers in the Middle, Part 1: Fighting the Waterfall

    This post is part of a three-part series on middle managers and Cloud Native transformation. Here are parts two and three. Being a middle manager is a tough gig.

    Best of 2019: Our Engineers on Tech

    Some of the best Cloud Native engineers in the world work for Container Solutions (yes, we’re biased, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true). Besides helping client companies like Shell, Adidas, and Fid...

    4 min read

    Best of 2019: The Human Factor in Cloud Native

    As we close out the final days of 2019, the Container Solutions teams pause to take a look back at our accomplishments over the past year. It’s a built-in part of our process: following the Hermes str...

    Container Solutions’ New Book Is Out! Here’s Why We Wrote It.

    It is with great pride, and no small measure of relief, that we announce the publication of our new book from O’Reilly Media. As of this week, copies of ‘Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Pattern...

    9 min read

    A Glossary Of Cloud Native Terms

    We need to talk. No, really—one of the hardest parts of wrapping your head around the complexities of Cloud Native is getting a handle on all the lingo. Containers, microservices, and orchestration, o...

    9 min read

    A Monolith Is a Burning Platform

    Monoliths gained popularity because they were safe: easy to build, easy to operate, and secure. They were in fact the way software was built for a fairly long time. But the way we build things is chan...

    Best of CS 2018: Kubernetes

    Best of 2018: How To Be a Cloud Native Company