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Engineers: Why Do You Hate Marketing?

Any company that has made it past the earliest startup, launching-from-your-living-room phase has two things: engineers and marketing. Engineers to design and build your product or service, and marketing people to sell it. These are both essential components if a business intends to, you know, make money.

The problem is, in most companies, engineers and marketers mix like oil and water.


At Container Solutions, we’re trying to figure out why this is, because we want to do things differently. We believe that continual, built-in innovation is the whole point of Cloud Native: incorporating essential marketing feedback and information to quickly iterate, improve, and implement new features into whatever business it is you do. Combining technical skills and velocity with deep customer understanding to actually build the right cool new stuff, fast, is Cloud Native’s superpower.

To activate this superpower, though, you need engineers to be excited, rather than horrified, about working directly with the marketing people.

The usual way to get oil and water to mix is to shake up the concoction a bit. So we thought we would just ask straight out: Engineers, what is it you hate about marketing?

We really, really want to hear what you think! Seriously. Please take a minute to throw a thought or two into the comment field below, and let’s figure out how to fix marketing from an engineer’s perspective.


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