13 min read

    WTF Is Cloud Native Transformation?

    If you either joined our webinar in November, or have read our book Cloud Native Transformation, you have already met Jenny, our hero. Jenny is a middle manager at a fictitious mid-size firm, WealthGr...

    8 min read

    WTF Is Design Thinking?

    Put simply, Design Thinking is a method for getting solutions to problems that really work for the people you’re designing for. Applying it gives you more focus on the real problem, more understanding...

    9 min read

    War and Peace and Cloud Native: the Battle Between IT and Business

    I recently read Mark Schwartz’s book War and Peace and IT, an excellent treatise on why companies struggle so much with delivering IT capabilities. What Schwartz writes about organisational dynamics o...

    WTF Is Continuous Improvement?

    When you’re offered a Covid-19 vaccine this year, which sort would you like? One that’s been through animal and human trials, received government approval, is made on a standardised production line, a...

    7 min read

    Magical Thinking and Cloud Native: or, WTF Are Coconut Headphones?

    When the Second World War broke out, the U.S. military arrived in the Melanesian Islands, northeast of Australia, to use the remote islands as transit depots for the supply of materials to aid their f...

    12 min read

    WTF Is the Future of Agile? (Spoiler Alert: Cloud Native)

    Agility is usually defined as the ability to ‘respond to change’. So it's worth looking at where the change drivers are in the value chain of the software delivery lifecycle:

    Isn't SRE Just DevOps?

    The truly Cloud Native way to work in teams, according to the Maturity Matrix, means SRE and DevOps. But what does that mean? You might be wondering, Isn’t SRE basically just DevOps?

    17 min read

    No, Really, Cloud Native Is About Culture, Not Containers

    For most of 2019 and 2020, I felt uneasy and slightly guilty about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s definition of ‘Cloud Native’. The CNCF definition had a strong implication that you weren’t C...

    18 min read

    WTF Happens to Psychological Safety When the Pressure Is On?

    A child stands in the middle of a group of friends, eyes closed and falls backwards. In this game, the child will know and trust that someone will catch her.