Podcast: Silicon Valley Product Group’s Christian Idiodi on Product Management Skills and Product Discovery

    In this episode Charles Humble talks to Silicon Valley Product Group partner Christian Idiodi about how he got started in product management, the Certified Scrum Product Owner and MBA pathologies, how...

    Podcast: Sudden Compass Co-Founder Matt LeMay on Effective Product Management and Conducting User Research

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    Business Value, Soccer Canteens, Engineer Retention, and the Bricklayer Fallacy

    Having the privilege of working in software in the 2020s, I hear variations on the following ideas expressed frequently:

    3 Key Practices for Building Organisational Resilience

    Three key practices help us prepare for a crisis:

    Meet Container Solutions's New CTO: a Chat With Ian Crosby

    What a time to start a new job. In June, in the midst of COVID-19-related economic upheaval around the world, Container Solutions named its new chief technology officer. Ian Crosby replaces CS co-foun...

    Cloud Native and Wishful Thinking—or, How to Avoid Buying Coconut Headphones

    ‘Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket’.  —Eric Hoffer, moral and social philosopher

    How To Implement Psychological Safety in a Time of Crisis

    In a previous blog post, I wrote about how having a psychologically safe work environment can help organisations in dealing with future and unknown risks. 

    How to Manage Distributed Teams (Even When You Have No Choice)

    When a company hasn't planned for it, going fully remote is a challenge. In order to succeed, you need to create some rules and guidelines.

    Leaders: How Well Do You Balance Your Head and Heart?

    ‘Adulting’ can be tough. We find ourselves having to juggle many things: work with play, family with friends, work with home. For leaders, this juggling act takes on a whole new level of difficulty, i...