Bell SmartCore - Edge Case Study

    Building a Cloud Native edge platform

    Case Study: How CS’ Braintrust Helped Immedis Focus on What Really Matters

    Immedis is looking toward the future. It created and runs an enterprise-grade platform that supports payroll functions for some of the fastest-growing global companies, including Uber.

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    The Power of Proofs of Concept to Reduce Risk

    The transition to Cloud Native can be a complex and daunting endeavor. Choosing the right technologies and integrating them into your organisation is a challenge. More often than not cultural change i...

    Case Study: A Company Gets Ready to Scale

    QOMPLX, an intelligent-decision platform provider, offers data handling, analytics, reporting, and advanced algorithms. The company, celebrating its fifth year in business, finds itself in the midst o...

    Starting a Cloud Native Transformation? Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

    Sometimes, you just know that things won’t end well. When a company takes on a Cloud Native project, let alone a full transformation, it’s already got a lot of challenges ahead of it.

    Best of 2019: Our Engineers on Tech

    Some of the best Cloud Native engineers in the world work for Container Solutions (yes, we’re biased, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true). Besides helping client companies like Shell, Adidas, and Fid...

    How Container Solutions and Eckoh Built a New Onboarding Process

    As Container Solutions grows, so does the number of projects we commit to every year. To keep quality high and continue to serve our clients well, we have learned to streamline the way we deliver our ...

    Building a Large-Scale, Continuous Delivery Platform: a Case Study

    About a year ago, we at Container Solutions started our engagement with FiduciaGAD, the largest IT service provider for banks in Germany. The focus of this project is to build a Continuous Integration...

    Our Kubernetes Training for - Case Study