Pini Reznik

    Pini Reznik
    Pini Reznik is co-founder and chief revenue officer at Container Solutions.

    Six Steps to Successful Cloud Native Migration (Part 1)

    Over the past three years Container Solutions has built experience by successfully guiding a range of enterprises into the cloud. Through experimentation and observation, we have distilled the practic...

    Cloud Native Maturity Matrix

    When an enterprise organisation looks to transform itself into a Cloud Native entity, the transformation must be firmly rooted in understanding.

    12 min read

    When is the WRONG time to use Kubernetes?

    The main reason most enterprises want to move to the cloud can be explained in two words: product velocity.

    User Access Manager application on Mantl

    In the last year many Container Solutions’ engineers spent significant time developing various parts of Cisco’s Mantl and Shipped projects.

    7 min read

    Cloud Native Computing

    Introduction A decade ago, Amazon released AWS. Since then, the adoption of public clouds, like GCE, Rackspace, Joyent, CiscoCloud and many others, along with tools such as CloudStack and OpenShift fo...

    Docker announces first plugins - Weave and Flocker

    Only few would argue that Docker is not responsible for the drastic change that is happening now in the way we build, deploy and maintain our software. Popularized by Docker, containers allow us to re...

    4 min read

    Future of Docker Security

    Two week's ago, at our Docker Randstad meetup dedicated to Docker security, I realised that we we need to stop building generic applications that assume the existence of a fully functional OS environm...

    Why Kubernetes Makes Sense

    As a service provider in the programmable infrastructure space, we at Container Solutions are constantly investigating new tools and technologies to help our clients to deploy and maintain large and c...

    9 min read

    Continuous Delivery with Docker on Mesos in less than a minute - Part 2

    In the Part 1 I showed how to dockerize a node.js application on the development machine and later deploy Jenkins and Docker registry using Docker Compose and use them for continuous integration of th...