Pini Reznik

    Pini Reznik
    Pini Reznik is co-founder and chief revenue officer at Container Solutions.

    Why Do So Many Young Companies Fail Fast?

    We’ve got a respect problem in the Cloud Native world. We talk a lot about fast-growing startups, led by people who want to break the rules, to do something revolutionary. We love to tell ourselves st...

    WTF is Cloud Native Enterprise Architecture?

    There are many definitions of Enterprise Architecture (EA), but perhaps the simplest one is in the book “The Software Architect Elevator” by Gregor Hohpe, which describes enterprise architecture as “t...

    8 min read

    WTF is Wrong with RFPs?

    The tech industry is littered with acronyms and abbreviations which can sometimes trigger strong reactions. The letters RfP always send me ricocheting between glum resignation and extreme frustration.

    WTF Is Continuous Improvement?

    When you’re offered a Covid-19 vaccine this year, which sort would you like? One that’s been through animal and human trials, received government approval, is made on a standardised production line, a...

    5 min read

    WTF Is WTF Is Cloud Native?

    What the fuck is Cloud Native? As a technologist, it could be the most important question you’ve asked yourself this decade.

    9 min read

    6 Patterns for Coping With a Fast-Moving Crisis

    When the year 2020 started, many businesses—including ours—were looking forward to blue skies ahead. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would force us to leave our offices, quarantine in our...

    Why Cutting Innovation Will Kill You After a Crisis

    It’s hard to think ahead when your house is on fire. But that’s exactly what we all need to do now.

    7 min read

    What’s the Total Cost of a Cloud Native Transformation?

    If you’ve been in IT for any length of time, you know that once upon a time, basically all servers ran on Windows. That’s just how it was: Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system dominated the market,...

    7 min read

    A Cloud Native Transformation Scenario to Avoid: ‘Lift and Shift’

    Getting started with Cloud Native is deceptively easy. Anyone, anywhere—even with zero Cloud Native experience—can simply go online to any public cloud provider, click, and within 10 seconds have a fu...