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Lian Li

Lian Li
Lian Li is a Cloud Native consultant at Container Solutions.

Blog Posts

4 Ideas to Help Improve Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Feb 27, 2020 by Lian Li

As a female engineer, I have had my fair share of struggles and grievances with tech companies and tech events. But now that I am trying to find engineers to hire or speak at conferences myself, I can see that it’s not always so clear cut to do diversity and inclusion properly.

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An experiment in diversity and inclusion

Jan 23, 2019 by Lian Li

Let's face it: the tech industry is not the most diverse. This is particularly true when it comes to engineering in general, and even more so in the operations community (i.e. Ops, DevOps, Infrastructure, etc.).

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My Journey: Blazing a Trail

Apr 19, 2018 by Lian Li

“Container Solutions is the greatest group of allies I’ve met so far. They’re not just interested in the label; they understand what diversity is really about.”

--- Lian Li, aka Captain Electric

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Using Google Container Registry with Kubernetes

Apr 9, 2018 by Lian Li

I recently got into orchestrating my Docker containers with Kubernetes. For one of our projects, I needed to pull docker images from the Google Container Registry (GCR). When using the Google Kubernetes Engine with the GCR everything works out of the box, but to run the containers locally with docker, I had to install and configure docker-credential-gcr. (Go to the GitHub repository for guidance.) However, when I tried to run a deployment on.

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