Holly Cummins

    Holly Cummins
    Holly Cummins is Worldwide Developer Leader at IBM Garage.

    Why Your Desk is the Worst Place to Work, and Other Life Lessons from a Lazy Developer

    We all know—in theory, at least—that the best debugging tool is a good night’s sleep. The second best debugging tool is a good shower. The third best debugging tool is a gentle run.

    66 min read

    WTFinar (with transcript): The Cloud Should be Fun - and if it's not, you're probably doing it wrong

    Some days, everything seems like it’s hard. And getting harder.

    Innovation Anti-patterns

    In a world where there’s always too much to do and too little time, how can organisations make time to innovate? (Spoiler: siloes probably aren’t the answer.) In this article we’ll explore practical i...

    20 min read

    WTF is Cloud Native Quantum?

    Quantum computing is here, and it’s on the cloud. As someone who loves both quantum computing and the cloud, this makes me very happy. I did a doctorate in quantum computing in the late 1990s. By nece...

    WTF Does Tech Have to Do With the Planet?

    When thinking about emerging software trends you might think about things like WebAssembly or GraphQL. You might not immediately think about sustainability but, in common with many other industries, t...

    17 min read

    No, Really, Cloud Native Is About Culture, Not Containers

    For most of 2019 and 2020, I felt uneasy and slightly guilty about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s definition of ‘Cloud Native’. The CNCF definition had a strong implication that you weren’t C...