Anne Currie

    Anne Currie
    Anne Currie is tech ethicist at Container Solutions.

    Is Dynamic Management the Real Ops Disruptor?

    Are Containers the Best Cloud Native Tool?

    Earlier in this blog series we described how every strategy comprises a goal and the actions we take or tools we use to accomplish it. We’re now going to consider some of the tools that Cloud Native u...

    The 3 Most Common Cloud Native Goals & What Kind of Company Are You?

    Cloud Native Goals In our earlier posts in this series we described a Cloud Native Strategy as a way to achieve business goals by taking a particular set of actions:

    What is a Cloud Native Strategy?

    In the last two blogs on this subject we talked about Cloud Native computing and about strategy. In this blog, we'll put the two together and consider Cloud Native Strategy - what it means and how to ...

    What Is Cloud Native?

     According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) a Cloud Native strategy is about scale and resilience: “distributed systems capable of scaling to tens of thousands of self healing multi-ten...