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    3 min read

    Isn't SRE Just DevOps?

    The truly Cloud Native way to work in teams, according to the Maturity Matrix, means SRE and DevOps. But what does that mean? You might be wondering, Isn’t SRE basically just DevOps?

    16 min read

    No, Really, Cloud Native Is About Culture, Not Containers

    For most of 2019 and 2020, I felt uneasy and slightly guilty about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s definition of ‘Cloud Native’. The CNCF definition had a strong implication that you weren’t C...

    17 min read

    WTF Happens to Psychological Safety When the Pressure Is On?

    A child stands in the middle of a group of friends, eyes closed and falls backwards. In this game, the child will know and trust that someone will catch her. 

    What's Next for Cloud Native?: an Engineers'  Roundtable

    The year 2020 would caution anyone against making bold predictions for the future. But Container Solutions engineers are always looking ahead anyway, so we asked some of them: WTF is next for Cloud Na...

    5 min read

    Training: the Cloud Native Way

    Organisations that want to disrupt the business market in which they operate, or at least steal a march on their competition, are increasingly recognising the importance of agility. It's no longer saf...

    16 min read

    MVP: You're Doing It Wrong

    Digital transformation projects carry an unresolved tension between speed of delivery and control. Arguably, the best environment for productivity requires a healthy balance of both. But such a balanc...

    9 min read

    The (Cloud) Hosts of Christmas Future

    'If they would rather die', said Scrooge, ‘'they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population’.

    WTF Is Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is an open-source tool that has helped accelerate the Cloud Native movement. In this video roundtable, a few of our engineers took a stab at a more complete definition.

    WTF Are Containers?

    For a start, containers are a way to package up applications with all their dependencies. Now watch as some Cloud Native engineers from Container Solutions unpack that concept more fully. Bonus: a coc...