Managers in the Middle, Part 1: Fighting the Waterfall

    This post is part of a three-part series on middle managers and Cloud Native transformation. Here are parts two and three. Being a middle manager is a tough gig.

    Container Solutions’ New Book Is Out! Here’s Why We Wrote It.

    It is with great pride, and no small measure of relief, that we announce the publication of our new book from O’Reilly Media. As of this week, copies of ‘Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Pattern...

    How We Help Bridge Knowledge Gaps on a Team

    At Container Solutions, we often develop advanced Cloud Native solutions and cutting-edge technologies with our customers. There are many challenges with this work. One of them we encounter often is g...

    What Psychological Safety Means in a Cloud Native Organisation

    In its Aristotle project, Google tried to define the success of effective teams. The researchers’ main finding was that what really mattered was less about who is on the team, and more about how the t...

    6 min read

    Why Cloud Native Means You Need to Be a Learning Organisation

    Unlike industries of the past that relied upon great stores of resources like coal, iron, timber, or oil for its wealth, the technology industry relies upon the resources in between our ears.

    7 min read

    A CFO’s Case for Creating an Inspiring Organisational Culture

    In my daily job in Container Solutions, I work with numbers. Budgets and forecasts. Coaching on profit and loss management. Financial strategy.

    7 min read

    Going from Corporate Citizen to Cloud Native

    About four months ago I left my cushy enterprise job in sales at Oracle to go work as a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions.

    Why We're Adopting Pixar's 'Braintrust' Model at Container Solutions

    Engineers at Container Solutions take on complicated and creative projects and might become lost along the way. To create something great, you have to become part of it. You have to live and breathe i...

    Cloud Native and High-Performance Organisations

    You may be wondering, what is the relationship between high-performance organisations and Cloud Native? It’s quite simple, really. Cloud Native is a sociotechnology, meaning it encompasses technical e...