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    The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure)

    The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure)

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    Comments on Semantic Monitoring & Scheduling

    Since first publishing the Monitoring Performance in Microservice Architectures article in a post, I have received many questions, which I am going to address here. I am also going to use this opportu...

    17 min read

    Self-Organizing Microservices - Evaluating ContainerPilot on Mantl

    Recently I became interested in ContainerPilot - the idea of “self-aware and self-operating” containers promoted by Joyent. I decided to perform a few experiments to see how it behaves on top of Cisco...

    Monitoring Performance in Microservice Architectures

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    From Microservices To Artificial Intelligence Operating System

    While microservices are a relatively new concept, industry leaders have been using the same principles - namely high granularity of design, isolation, and automation - for years. And what they share s...

    2 min read

    Docker In Docker Celebrates Amsterdam Gay Pride!

    With Docker in Docker (DinD), by Jérôme Petazzoni, you can easily emulate a production, multi-container setup in a development environment. At Container Solutions we use Docker in Docker frequently, f...

    1 min read

    Terraform Deployments (Almost) in Real-Time

    What if Terraform deployments could be visualised in real time? It would be quite exciting, and surely worth investigation.

    Dev and Ops in the Time of Clouds

    The pace of technological changes in software engineering is continuously increasing, and every day we are surprised with new innovations. Most of them are insignificant, but some of them are true rev...

    2 min read

    Docker - What Problem Does It Really Solve

    I like Docker. It's easy to use and fast. Simply brilliant. So brilliant that every day we find new possible applications. But what actually is the real problem it solves? Stable environments? Configu...