Lucas Severo Alves

    Lucas Severo Alves
    Lucas Severo Alves is a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions.

    The Birth of the External Secrets Community

    Managing secrets in Kubernetes can be a cumbersome job. In a multi-service multi-environment setup, you can end up with hundreds of secrets without even noticing. It is hard to keep track of everythin...

    18 min read

    eBPF Cloud Native Tools: An Overview of Falco, Inspektor Gadget, Hubble, and Cilium

    The Extended Berkeley Packet Filter—eBPF to its friends— is changing everything. Before eBPF came along, kernel tracing, heavy network control, or some forms of observability were clunky or impossible...

    17 min read

    The Top Reasons Why You Should Give eBPF a Chance

    With this blog post I want to show you why eBPF is a big deal and why it piqued my interest some time ago. I won't go into details on how eBPF works here, but rather highlight the reasons why there is...