Joe Fay

    Joe Fay
    Joe Fay is a writer and editor who covers technology.

    WTF…Can You Do about Software Supply Chain Attacks without Killing Open Source?

    When the White House says something is a threat, many people’s first reaction is to work out precisely what it is that the president and his aides are really trying to distract us from.

    WTF Is an Open-Source License Anyway?

    For something that’s supposed to make software development frictionless, open-source licenses generate a remarkable amount of heat and noise.

    11 min read

    The Future of Work? It’s Going to Be Experimental, If We’re Lucky

    What’s your new normal like? After all, a year and a half of Covid has fundamentally changed the world of work, with technology enabling a shift to remote or hybrid working: or so we’re told. This is ...

    9 min read

    Are We Heading for Peak Cloud Native? It’s All a Matter of Time

    If you want to get an overview of the Cloud Native space, it’s worth checking out the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s landscape map. Make sure you give yourself some time though, as it can take a ...