Dawid Ziolkowski

    Dawid Ziolkowski
    Dawid Ziolkowski is a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions.
    7 min read

    How to Create a Kubernetes Cluster in Under 60 Seconds

    In the past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of different tests and deployments on Kubernetes. Therefore, I had to create and destroy Kubernetes clusters many times (some days, even a few times an h...

    6 min read

    Reviving EveGenie—or, What Happens When a Container Solutions Engineer Gets 'Play Time'

    Container Solutions is a consulting company that focuses on Cloud Native transformations. Working as a Cloud Native engineer here means you get assigned to work on projects for particular clients. Whe...

    A Guide to Solving Those Mystifying CORS Issues

    Imagine you’re building the UI. You need to connect to remote API to get or send some data. Everything works fine when you test your REST calls with curl, but when you implement them in the UI, it doe...