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    Brendan Kamp

    Brendan Kamp
    Brendan Kamp is a Cloud Native consultant at Container Solutions.
    12 min read

    How We Applied GitOps in a Regulated-Sector Company

    Working as a consultant in the IT industry, sometimes you get a project that you get very excited about. I recently had this opportunity. At first glance, this company might appear to be a very diffic...

    Using Helm and Kustomize to Build More Declarative Kubernetes Workloads

    With declarative infrastructure, what you define is what gets set up on your system. When software engineers use Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes, in building a Cloud Native system, they tend ...

    The Five Stages of Transformation: The Cloud Native Emotions

    Whenever I start working with a new client -- no matter who it is or what business they’re in -- there is one thing that happens every time. Without failure, the moment comes where someone will look y...