Jennifer Riggins

    Jennifer Riggins
    Jennifer Riggins is a journalist who covers technology.

    Pursuing Organisational Resilience in Times of Radical Uncertainty

    We think and write a lot about systems reliability at Container Solutions. We even hosted a free, live, virtual event on it on April 28th called WTF is SRE?, for the second year running. Like all thin...

    Almost 20 Years In, SREs Are Still Finding Their Place

    The field of site reliability engineering originated at Google with Ben Treynor Sloss, who founded a site reliability team after joining the company in 2003, but the practice has spread across most or...

    SLO Strategy: Balancing Strategic Vulnerability with Uptime and Engagement

    We can get overly obsessed with uptime. We can actually set service level objectives (SLOs) too high. If we zero in on five-nines across the board, we risk compromising our teammates’ ability to innov...

    Who Is Responsible for Cybersecurity?

    Last year was a lot of things. Among them, 2021 was the year of cybersecurity threats. And this year seems on track to top it. The question is becoming not if, or when, but who. Who exactly is respons...

    WTF is Wrong with Open Source Communities?

    If the tech industry has a diversity, equity and inclusion problem, then the open source world has a catastrophe on its hands. While women make up a still shameful 20 to 23% of the tech industry, wome...

    Wardley Mapping and Agile at 20: It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Agile turned 20 this year. Yet how many organisations are actually ‘agile’? What is agile, anyway, and does agility even make sense for all stages and ages of business? Now that IT has gone from being...

    14 min read

    Burning the Backlog and Aligning for Flow

    Alignment and flow. Sounds like a Vinyasa yoga class. What they really are is management trends. But even the word management seems off. Because when you’re managing alignment and flow, you’re intenti...

    18 min read

    How to Recruit and Onboard Neurodivergent People

    As volunteer developer and Microsoft MVP Dennie Declerq said, “Due to my autism I have no paid job. I can’t cope with a day job. I get too nervous. I talk too much.”

    13 min read

    The Reality of Hybrid Working

    The hybrid model of working sounds ideal, right? Everybody gets to work where they want, when they want. It should increase productivity and happiness at work.