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    Hamish Hutchings

    Hamish Hutchings
    4 min read

    Building a Serverless cloud-native application from scratch

    I recently wrote a post on configuration management (Golang Configuration in 12 Factor Applications). It got me thinking about writing a series of posts about what is meant when we talk about a 'cloud...

    7 min read

    Golang Configuration in 12 Factor Applications

    I have been working on a Go project for the past couple of months, I have found the language pleasant to use and the tooling has been pretty impressive. I am not going to talk about this though, I am ...

    11 min read

    Docker Image-Builder Qualities


    6 min read

    Kubernetes Comes to ImageWolf

    ImageWolf now has support for Kubernetes! We even made a video (see below). If you want to see the code though, you can find it in its normal place.