Gustavo Carvalho

    Gustavo Carvalho
    Cloud Native Engineer at ContainerSolutions
    9 min read

    Building for Compliance - Part I

    As Container Solutions grows and consults with more and more businesses, we notice common pain points encountered whenever we talk about Cloud Native platforms. One of these areas is compliance.

    Tutorial: How to Set External-Secrets with Azure KeyVault

    In this tutorial, the last in our series on the External Secrets project, we will configure Azure KeyVault in order to have a safe way to access secrets, and then configure External-Secrets to fetch i...

    Tutorial: How to Set External-Secrets with Hashicorp Vault

    External Secretsis an Open Source Kubernetes operator that integrates with external secret management systems such as AWS Secrets Manager, HashiCorp Vault, Google Secret Manager, and Azure Key Vault, ...

    Tutorial: How to Set External-Secrets with GCP Secret Manager

    In this second article on our "how to" series on External Secrets we’re looking at the Google Cloud Secret Manager. We are going to configure External Secrets to use a Secret Manager instance as a sec...

    Tutorial: How to Set External-Secrets with AWS

    As you may already have seen, the team at Container Solutions have recently announced The birth of the external secrets community, where multiple people and organizations are joining efforts to create...