Charles Humble

    Charles Humble
    Charles is editor-in-chief at Container Solutions. A former software engineer, architect and CTO, he has worked as a senior leader and executive of both technology and, more recently, content groups ranging from small start-ups to mid-sized and larger firms.

    Podcast: Courtney Kissler on Driving Technological Transformations at Nike, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Zulily

    Charles Humble talks to Zulily CTO and SVP of Technology Courtney Kissler about experience in driving technological transformations at Nike, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Zulily. They discuss Courtney’s jo...

    Podcast: Manuel Pais on Using Team Topologies Patterns for Remote Working

    Charles Humble talks to Team Topologies co-author Manuel Pais. They discuss how the rapid adoption of Team Topologies may be being driven by companies seeking a new competitive advantage as DevOps and...

    Podcast: Susanne Kaiser on Joining the Dots Between Wardley Mapping, Domain Driven Design and Team Topologies

    Charles Humble talks to Susanne Kaiser, an independent tech consultant from Hamburg, Germany, supporting organisations with building socio-technical systems. They explore her thinking on combining War...

    Podcast: VP Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay Randy Shoup on Improving their Developer Velocity

    In our first “Hacking the Org” podcast, Charles Humble talks to Randy Shoup, VP Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay. They discuss how eBay’s architecture has evolved, discovering problems in engin...

    The Rockefeller Habits Applied: Managing Remote Teams in Scaling Organisations

    In March of 2020, which now seems like a lifetime ago, I gave a talk at QCon London called “Remote Working Approaches that Worked (And Some that Didn’t)”. By then I’d be working 100% remotely for ten ...

    WTF is eBPF? A sneak peek interview with Liz Rice

    WTF is eBPF?  What’s the deal with eBPF? Why has it got our engineers so damn excited?  What does it mean for security? Why are we hosting sessions on it?  And where can you learn more about it? 

    5 min read

    Container Solutions Joins the Green Software Foundation

    In August, Container Solutions joined the Green Software Foundation set up (mainly by Microsoft because frankly they have the big bucks) to help promote and support the climate-aware approach to softw...

    6 min read

    How Cisco and Container Solutions’ Long-standing Partnership Helped Bring our SRE Conference to Life

    Container Solutions and Cisco have a partnership that goes back to more-or-less the beginning of Container Solutions.

    9 min read

    WTF is the Future of Cloud Native Software?

    Software is transforming and accelerating organisations of all kinds, both directly and indirectly. Software is a key differentiator for organisations to offer value to customers and shareholders. The...