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    Charles Humble

    Charles Humble
    Charles Humble is managing editor of WTF Is Cloud Native?

    WTF is eBPF? A sneak peek interview with Liz Rice

    WTF is eBPF?  What’s the deal with eBPF? Why has it got our engineers so damn excited?  What does it mean for security? Why are we hosting sessions on it?  And where can you learn more about it? 

    5 min read

    Container Solutions Joins the Green Software Foundation

    In August, Container Solutions joined the Green Software Foundation set up (mainly by Microsoft because frankly they have the big bucks) to help promote and support the climate-aware approach to softw...

    6 min read

    How Cisco and Container Solutions’ Long-standing Partnership Helped Bring our SRE Conference to Life

    Container Solutions and Cisco have a partnership that goes back to more-or-less the beginning of Container Solutions.

    9 min read

    WTF is the Future of Cloud Native Software?

    Software is transforming and accelerating organisations of all kinds, both directly and indirectly. Software is a key differentiator for organisations to offer value to customers and shareholders. The...

    17 min read

    What Can We Learn from the Ofqual Algorithm Debacle?

    If you’re looking for an example of how ostensibly smart people can accidentally mess up other people’s lives, look no farther than the case of last year’s UK public exams.

    1 min read

    3 (No, Make That 4) Questions: Daniel Bryant, of Ambassador Labs

    In our recurring feature, 3 Questions, we ask influential people in the Cloud Native community a trio of queries aimed at defining WTF Cloud Native is. In this edition, Daniel Bryant, director of dev ...