Carla Gaggini

    Carla Gaggini
    Carla Gaggini is the Head of Events at Container Solutions.
    13 min read

    Why Your Event Needs a Code of Conduct and You Need to Enforce It

    The Opening Remarks of a conference are a particularly crucial moment. Whether your stage is physical or virtual doesn’t really matter. What matters is setting the right tone, sharing useful pieces of...

    1 min read

    How Hard Is It to Deliver a Virtual Conference in 6 Weeks? (Spoiler: Very)

    Events and content production are at the heart of Container Solutions' marketing strategy. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic didn’t change this strategy, but certainly affected its execution.

    Tech Events in the Time of COVID-19: Tips for Survival

    It’s been about three weeks since events have started being cancelled or postponed on a regular basis because of the spread of COVID-19. From giants like Mobile World Congress, Google I/O, and WWDC, t...