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Utilizing Caches When Building Go Projects On Google Cloud Build

Nov 5, 2018 by Aleksandr Guljajev

Moore’s law has ensured we experience exponential rise in computing power. There’s no pressure to optimize our software to use fewer CPU cycles, less memory, and eventually, less electricity. However, the explosive growth that computing has gone through, and the challenges we face as humanity has put us in a tough spot. We need to consume less, use our resources smarter, and consider the impact of our actions on future generations. With this in.

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A Gentle Intro to Validation Admission Webhooks in Kubernetes

Oct 4, 2018 by Aleksandr Guljajev

Kubernetes v1.9.0 release includes webhook admission controller.

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Testing the microservices. Our approach to API testing.

Aug 26, 2016 by Aleksandr Guljajev

Testing microservices versus testing monoliths

There are numerous advantages of using microservices over the monolithic application structure.

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Caveats of running Mesos cluster in Docker containers

Nov 5, 2015 by Aleksandr Guljajev

The Problem

In our efforts to simplify and speed-up the MiniMesos Testing Framework, we decided to move away from a Docker-in-Docker implementation to one where each node ran in their own containers. We thought running each node in their own container was the right way to run a local Mesos cluster. We assumed that it would increase transparency, simplicity and speed of the unit tests. And in theory this should have been so... in practice,.

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