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The Employee Journey at Container Solutions: Part 3, Personal Development

This is part 3 of a 3-part series. Here are parts 1 and 2.

At Container Solutions, we believe the best investment we can make is in our people.

That’s not just rhetoric. When we hire people, we onboard them to help them adapt to our organisation and answer the questions they may be too shy to ask at first. We make sure they know that we support their learning, with a book's budget and opportunities to develop and grow. 

The best tool for supporting the learning process, we believe, is having a clear Personal Development Plan (PDP). We think everyone at our company should develop one and we do this via our Performance Pathway process.

Why do we have a personal development process in CS? 

Firstly, by pursuing a goal, a sense of purpose is created and this helps you focus attention, which in turn makes it easier to achieve the goal. Also, when you reach a goal you set for yourself, you create a sense of accomplishment. This enables you to think of what you can achieve next, building on the goal you just achieved. This creates possibilities for your next learning cycle.

Secondly,  people like to explore and take on new things. We want employees to  always seek new challenges and have opportunities to explore what these may be now and in the future.  We are a learning organisation. This means we are constantly evolving, just as the Cloud Native world we work in also constantly evolves. We are continuously trying to adapt to the changing environment. For this, we need our employees to evolve as well. They are the motor of our innovation, if people don’t learn and take on new things, the company will not thrive in the future.

More about the Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway gives us a developmentally focussed framework so managers can support your personal development journey. The aim of this is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to continually develop and move forward within their career. The focus is about continuous development and not leaving important discussions to just one annual point in the year. 

You will play a very active role in the management of your development within Container Solutions, through evidence gathering, feedback seeking and engagement in your 1on1s. 


We all dread the annual reviews, but we are also fully aware it is important to have more formal conversations about how you are doing. Key here is, that regardless of the seriousness of the conversation, it is still centred on moving forward with development and purpose. Through the use of Calibration hubs we strive to ensure consistency and also to limit any personal bias that may naturally occur when ratings are given. 

Personal Development Plan

The PDP outlines your desired destination. It is where you realistically would like to be within the agreed timescales. By having regular check-ins with your manager you can continually formulate your key goals and objectives against the current real time situation: are you making progress, going too slow or too fast? Are there any big changes that are impacting your PDP?

If this sounds like an environment you would thrive in, check out our Careers page to learn more about our company, our culture—and our current open positions.


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