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Container Solutions At QCon London

For QCon London, from 5-9th March, Container Solutions’ London team will be joined by our colleagues from Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Please drop by and see us. We look forward to chatting with everyone cloud-curious and beyond at our stand on the 3rd floor, Benjamin Britten Lounge, opposite IBM and the coffee.

If we’re not a more exciting place to discuss tech and drink your coffee than the IBM stand, I’ll be quite disappointed (joke!! I’m sure the IBMers will be nearly as nice as us).

DevOps and DevEx

Our CEO, Jamie Dobson is running Monday’s track on “DevEx, the Next Generation of DevOps”, in the Churchill room on the ground floor.

You can catch him there, amid excellent talks on adopting DevOps and on all the technologies and approaches it has ushered in.

The first session of the day in Jamie’s track will be from the amazing Jessica Kerr, who’ll be talking about dev automation. That should be excellent, I’ll certainly be at that.

Next up is the Open Space, where folk who are interested in or generally enthused by DevOps and DevEx can come and have their thoughts provoked (which is probably nicer than it sounds).

During lunch, we’ll all be hanging out at the CS stand where you'll find the team are both amazingly expert and extraordinarily friendly.

After lunch, back at the DevEx track, our own Ian Crosby will be talking about how the amazing tech in Kubernetes is now becoming a commodity and what effect that will have on the way we work.

Next up, Dave Farley will be talking about Continuous Delivery and what the Engineering in modern Software Engineering should mean (spoiler: it’s not just about craft).

After another dash for a coffee Stuart Davidson, the Head of Deployment at that most tartan of Unicorns: Skyscanner, will talk about extreme Continuous Delivery and the DevEx changes required to get to 10K deploys per day.

Finally, James Uther will be talking about how to apply CD practises in a flexible, project-agnostic way.

After that, the CS team will have a relaxing Tuesday enjoying the great sessions and talking to interesting attendees at our CS stand before my track on day three - "Tech Ethics in Action!" But that deserves it’s own post.


After Wednesday, there will be no rest for the (apparently) more wicked of the CS team. Adrian Mouat will be giving one of his famous half-day workshops Docker 101 (Getting Started) on Thursday morning, and on Friday Ian Crosby and Adam Sandor will be giving an excellent full day workshop on Production Grade Kubernetes.

Hopefully, we will see you there!

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