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Docker Meetup: 170 people at ING

The evening of 1st Oct saw the 7th Amsterdam Docker meetup and the largest in its history, with around 170 people in attendance. The event was held for the first time at the ING offices in Haarlemmerweg. The audience were treated to 3 talks: "The Inevitability of Complexity" by Jamie Dobson, "Running Databases Inside Containers" by Marcus Hughes and "How to scale like Twitter using Containers and Apache Mesos" by Benjamin Hindman.

Henk Kolk, Chief Enterprise Architect at ING, welcomed the assembled crowd, giving a short speech about the enormous size and scale of the engineering effort he spearheads at ING, where they are experimenting with several new technologies, including Docker.

I asked Mr Kolk what it would take for them to use Docker in production "It's security first. We would need to see much more hardening of Docker." he replied. Marcus Hughes from Cluster HQ had a more optimistic viewpoint, telling me "we feel Docker is stable now, it's reached the point where it can be generally adopted".

The headline talk from Benjamin Hindman didn't disappoint. He gave a thorough overview of the Mesos project and its evolution to providing cluster management for several large Web companies, primarily Twitter.

Jamie Dobson, CEO of Container Solutions, who are responsible for organizing the Docker meetup, celebrated the large numbers and enthusiastic crowd. He said, "it shows you how far Docker has come in a very short time. It will soon be a mainstream technology with people here tonight representing both the bleeding edge and trailing edges of adoption".

by Adrian Mouat, Container Solutions

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