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Container Solutions Does Hacktoberfest!

 At Container Solutions HQ—or rather the distributed, mainly WFH entity that passes for Container Solutions HQ—we’re busy getting ready for Hacktoberfest. As you’re probably already aware, Hacktoberfest is DigitalOcean’s month-long celebration of open source, where everyone is encouraged to contribute to open source projects. 

As part of all this, we’re organising a Software Circus Amsterdam Hacktoberfest event on 5 October and Lian Li is speaking at, where she’ll explain how to adopt a code of conduct.

A major part of Hacktoberfest is receiving the official T-shirt from Digital Ocean for making four contributions to open source repositories. In previous years, several of our developers have been successful in this, and you can see our Cloud Native engineers Charlotte Mach (left) and Cari Liebenberg rocking their shirts:


This year, we’d like to get our own open source repos involved as much as possible. And for everyone that submits a successful pull request to one of our repositories, we’ll send out a Container Solutions T-shirt (subject to availability). We’ve got lots of projects at our CS Github repositories, but we wanted to highlight some of them here:

  • Trow is a container registry for Kubernetes clusters. If you know Rust or would like to learn, Trow might be a great way to try out your skills. But even if you don’t, there are several issues that don’t require any Rust experience, especially around integrations and testing.
  • The Java Operator SDK helps developers build Kubernetes Operators in Java. If you’re more familiar with Java, this is a great example of a modern Java project that is actively looking for contributions.
  • The Kubernetes Examples project collects minimal but complete YAML files that demonstrate how to use a given resource or feature. Writing new examples is a fairly straightforward and self-contained exercise for anyone with a little Kubernetes knowledge and there is a list of missing ones on the issue tracker. (Hint hint—this really is a good repo for easy wins)
  • The External Secrets Operator integrates third-party secrets tooling (like the AWS Secret Manager) with Kubernetes. The project has recently got a new lease of life and the team have identified several issues that should be easy to get going with.

If you’d like to hear more about the projects, there will be a brief overview at the Software Circus Hacktober event.

Most of our projects are designed for Kubernetes and other cloud platforms, so you might want to check out the DigitalOcean $100 Hacktober credit offer— it’s perfect for testing out these tools. 

Happy Hacktobering!

Photo by Charlotte Mach.

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