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Container Solutions and Humble Consulting

I started work at Container Solutions just a few weeks ago as a project manager and facilitator. One of the very first tasks I was given was to read a book. Our CTO Pini Reznik, who is also a co-founder of CS, gave met the book Humble Consulting, by Edgar Schein. Pini told me that this is the way we at CS want to do consulting: “Let's discuss it when you have finished the book.” 

My way of remembering and processing information is to draw it. So here is my sketchnote synopsis of Humble Consulting

I really like the ideas in the book, especially in the first half. The things that speak to me most are the 3 C’s:

  • Commitment to being helpful,
  • Bringing honest Curiosity, and a
  • Caring attitude

The author talks about creating a helpful, curious and caring approach to working with clients. The goal is establishing more personal relationships built on trust and openness, aka Level 2 relationships.

The second half of the book is all about listening, responding, personalizing and adaptive moves. If you have trouble getting through the second half (like I did), or just want to watch a great talk, I highly recommend Celeste Headlee’s 2015 TEDtalk, 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation. Her talk, in my opinion, addresses the same topics in an accessible way that spoke to me more.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on humble consulting!

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