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Before the holidays we released minimesos 0.5.0 and it is available via Jitpack. Minimesos is a tool for quickly deploying Mesos clusters. The main new improvements in this release are Mac OS X support. Every part of minimesos now runs in Docker, including the CLI command. Beyond that we fixed a lot of minor usability issues.

What's new in minimesos 0.5.0?

The 0.5.0 milestone contains more than a dozen fixes. Let's have a look at the most important ones in more detail

  • New --exposedPorts option when running on Mac OS X [#125]
  • ClusterConfig refactoring [#144]
  • Run minimesos in a container [#107]

New --exposePorts flag for Mac OS X

When running Mac OS X it is useful when ports in containers are exposed to the VM so you can access the cluster from a browser. Kudos to @remmelt for adding this feature. The minimesos script automatically adds this flag when running on Mac OS X.

ClusterConfig refactoring

The ClusterConfig object has been refactored into a fluent interface. This gives you more control on the setup of your minimesos cluster when using it inside Java. Here is an example snippet

 public static final MesosCluster CLUSTER = new MesosCluster(
  new ClusterArchitecture.Builder()

Run minimesos in a container

The minimesos script now runs Docker instead of the minimesos jar directly. Additionally, we have introduced a few new minimesos Docker images for the master and agent. We decided to create them so we could install Java 8 on them, since the Mesosphere images use Java 7.

Try it out

To upgrade minimesos run the install script:

$ sudo bash -c 'curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ContainerSolutions/minimesos/master/bin/install | bash'

Keep in touch

Keep in touch

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch by commenting on the blog or talk to us on @minimesos and @ContainerSoluti. Check out the open issues on Github. Do you have an idea on how to improve minimesos? Please open an issue or add a PR at the minimesos Github repo. We hope you find minimesos useful. See you next time!

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