Deployment Strategies

Dec 6, 2017 by Etienne Tremel

There are a variety of techniques to deploy new applications to production so choosing the right strategy is an important decision that needs to be made to leverage the impact of change on the consumer.

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Dynamic Environments with Kubernetes

Nov 22, 2017 by Ian Crosby

In this series of blog posts, I will highlight some strategies and tips when adopting Kubernetes. The goal is to provide practical examples based on usages of other companies who have already gone down this road.

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The Cloud Native Attitude Mini-Book

Oct 11, 2017 by Anne Currie

Introduction to This Blog

In April this year, our CEO Jamie Dobson, CTO Pini Reznik and I were sitting around drinking Yorkshire tea and talking about how unclear the phrase “Cloud Native” was. What did it even mean? Did it just mean in the cloud? Was it a synonym for distributed systems? I suggested a blog series and in an arms race of content-driven ambition we settled on writing a whole short book on the subject of Cloud Native within 3.

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Kubernetes deployment strategies

Sep 25, 2017 by Etienne Tremel

In Kubernetes there are a few different ways to release an application, it is necessary to choose the right strategy to make your infrastructure reliable during an application update.

Choosing the right deployment procedure depends on the needs, we listed below some of the possible strategies to adopt:

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Kubernetes The Hard Way Explained - Chapter 2

Sep 21, 2017 by Ádám Sándor

Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial is the goto place for wannabe Kubernetes administrators who want to learn the ins and outs of the platform. With the CNCF’s official Kubernetes Certified Administrator programme out recently we can only expect this great resource to gain even more attention.

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