Docker for Mac with Kubernetes support

Jan 29, 2018 by Catalin Jora

During DockerCon Copenhagen, Docker announced support and integration for Kubernetes, alongside Swarm. The first integration is in the Docker for Mac, where you can run now a 1 node Kubernetes cluster. This allows you to deploy apps with Docker-compose files to that local Kubernetes cluster via the docker cli. In this blogpost, I’ll cover what you need to know about this integration and how to make the most out of it.

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Monitoring containers on GKE with Google Stackdriver

Jan 12, 2018 by Ádám Sándor

After acquiring Stackdriver in 2014, Google worked hard to make it the default log aggregation and monitoring solution for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The feature set of Stackdriver is pretty good for an out of box integrated solution for GCP. It is the equivalent of CloudWatch on AWS - doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it’s relatively cheap, integrated and gets the job done.

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Tensorflow on Kubernetes: Kubeflow

Dec 21, 2017 by Philip Winder

Google is quietly releasing increasing amounts of projects dedicated to data science. One such project that was recently pointed out to me is called Kubeflow. In its essence, it is not terribly complicated. But when considered as part of the adoption of data science (and Google’s strategy), the project is of utmost importance.

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Kubernetes Beyond Hello World

Dec 8, 2017 by Riccardo Cefala

If you are a little like me, chances are you get bored of ‘Hello World!’ examples quite quickly. When it comes to Kubernetes, the typical introductory article goes like this:

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Securing Dynamic Environments in Kubernetes

Dec 7, 2017 by Ian Crosby

In my previous blog post we set up a Continuous Integration pipeline which created dynamic, ephemeral environments in Kubernetes. This was done exclusively using Kubernetes namespaces.

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