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The Rise of Apache Mesos: Cluster All The Things!!

Jul 10, 2015 by Daniel Bryant

The Apache Mesos cluster manager emerged from work out of Twitter and UC Berkeley around 2009. Over the last six years the Mesos project has kept a relatively low profile among mainstream technology press, but has recently exploded on to the scene with a bang. The reality, however, is that many large organisations have been successfully using Mesos for production (critical) workloads for quite some time, including Twitter, AirBnB, eBay and .

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Configuring resource offers on Mesos

May 13, 2015 by Frank Scholten

The other day I was working on Mesos Elasticsearch and encountered a problem while running the framework. The framework did not accept any offers from slaves because I had not properly configured the resources. Right now the Elasticsearch framework requires ports 9200 and 9300 but by default the slaves offer a port range 31000 to 32000. The default slave resources offers are defined in src/slave/constants.cpp. See the snippet below.

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Dev and Ops in the Time of Clouds

Mar 19, 2015 by Lukasz Guminski

The pace of technological changes in software engineering is continuously increasing, and every day we are surprised with new innovations. Most of them are insignificant, but some of them are true revolutions. With no doubt, cloud computing is one of those.

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