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Why Use Fig for Docker Automation?

Jan 6, 2015 by Adrian Mouat

If you've been using Docker for a little while, but you've not tried out Fig yet, this blog is for you. Like me, you've probably either become used to dealing with long and unwieldy Docker commands using dozens of arguments, or you've come up with a bunch of shell scripts to start your containers. At its core, Fig is just a simple bit of automation and abstraction to help with this stuff.

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Computation Containers (or let Docker mind your Ps and Qs)

Dec 22, 2014 by Adrian Mouat

The software industry is at the beginning of the container revolution. I believe that it won't be long before we are all using containers to a greater or lesser extent everyday, for a wide range of use cases. To date, uptake and discussion has mainly focussed on using Docker to host web applications and power microservice architectures, but in this post I'm going to focus on another use case, which seems reasonably common but less written.

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Understanding Volumes in Docker

Dec 9, 2014 by Adrian Mouat

This post was updated on 6 Jan 2017 to cover new versions of Docker.

It's clear from looking at the questions asked on the Docker IRC channel (#docker on Freenode), Slack and Stackoverflow that there's a lot of confusion over how volumes work in Docker. In this post, I'll try to explain how volumes work and present some best practices. Whilst this post is primarily aimed at Docker users with little to no knowledge of volumes, even.

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6 Dockerfile Tips from the Official Images

Nov 17, 2014 by Adrian Mouat

Following on from my previous post on the Docker Official Images, in this post I'll go through some tips and techniques for writing Dockerfiles that I learnt from the official images.

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Docker Official Images - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Oct 29, 2014 by Adrian Mouat

The Docker Official Repositories program was launched back in June. It is intended to provide a curated set of images that people can use with some guarantee of quality. This blog post will take a quick look at how to find and use these images as well as pointing out some potential issues.

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