Ádám Sándor

    Ádám Sándor
    Ádám Sándor is a Cloud Native architect at Container Solutions.

    Monitoring a microservice application with CoScale on Kubernetes

    Monitoring microservice systems has been a hot topic at Container Solutions for some time. Combined with our recent interest in Kubernetes we set out to give the new CoScale monitoring solution a try....

    11 min read

    From Pet to Cattle – Running Sonar on Kubernetes

    Recently we ran into a bit of trouble with our pet CI server. It was being used as a Jenkins server and a Postgres database and Sonar was also running on it but it wasn't evident as it was just a manu...

    5 min read

    Minimesos gets a REST API - finding the lightest Java web framework

    We started work with Frank on what is probably the most important new feature of minimesos in recent months - a REST API that gives easy access to minimesos from any language. Minimesos is a testing f...