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Ádám Sándor

Ádám Sándor
Ádám Sándor is a Cloud Native architect at Container Solutions.

Blog Posts

11 Reasons for Adopting GitOps

Dec 18, 2019 by Ádám Sándor

Kubernetes allows us to manage our application deployments and other infrastructure components purely using declarative configuration files (e.g. we’re all YAML developers now). This enables us to put all these files into a Git repository, hook it up to a pipeline (Jenkins, GitLab, etc), which will apply those changes to a cluster—and voilà, we have GitOps.

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Building a Large-Scale, Continuous Delivery Platform: a Case Study

Aug 7, 2019 by Ádám Sándor

About a year ago, we at Container Solutions started our engagement with FiduciaGAD, the largest IT service provider for banks in Germany. The focus of this project is to build a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platform for development teams across the organisation.

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Enterprise grade CI/CD with GitOps

Jan 8, 2019 by Ádám Sándor

Implementing Continuous Delivery[1] at enterprise scale is a major challenge. As every company has to innovate their software delivery methods, we need to allow individual teams to learn and improve their own delivery pipeline. This is especially true in the Cloud Native world, where many best practices are still emerging. However, giving teams flexibility to experiment needs to be balanced with security and compliance requirements. In this.

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Increasing productivity with Continuous Delivery

Mar 14, 2018 by Ádám Sándor

It is an interesting feature of today’s software development landscape, that while some consider Continuous Delivery a done deal, there are still many teams out there who either don’t see or are struggling to realise the benefits. The idea of releasing small increments of functionality often seems like such a straightforward solution to alleviate the pain from large, risky releases that we gloss over the very hard obstacles in the way.

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Propagating configuration from Terraform to Kubernetes Apps

Feb 13, 2018 by Ádám Sándor

I recently encountered an interesting problem while terraforming Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud. Our Terraform configurations have some important information which is needed by applications running on the cluster. These are either values for which our Terraform resources are the primary source, or values which are outputs from them.

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